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Sound Healing

Connect with your inner being healing from sound and vibration


If you want to experience deep relaxation, be connected with your interior while your cells receive high vibration frequencies, this therapy is for you.

  • Raise the vibration of your energy field

  • Connect with your inner being throughIt's about vibration and sound

  • Relax your body by entering states of deep meditation

  • Raise your vibration frequency

  • Connect with your heart and your ancestors

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What is Sound Healing?

Inner Transformation

Sound healing has been experimentally shown that music and its fundamental components (rhythmic structures, scales, tones, etc.), produce patterns of coherent electrical brain activity. This translates into greater efficiency at the level of brain functioning, not only as a regulator of cognitive processes but also as a regulator of the vegetative functions of the organism.
Sound healing through the vibrational medicines of instruments such as Tibetan bowls, have emphasized the importance of electromagnetic information and its use as a therapeutic language within the organic system.
This therapy massages your cells, changing your energy at a molecular level, experiencing states of deep relaxation and combating daily stress.

First we will do a circle of holding space and intentional cacao drinking that will soften our hearts and expand our minds, connecting us with intuition.

Subsequently, a specific protocol aligned with the intention will be carried out where different sound therapy instruments will be used as well as aromatherapy, sonopuncture and meditation techniques and trips to the unconscious.



Yoga mat and elements for each person

Holding space activity

One cup of ceremonial cocoa per person

Sound therapy instruments

Certified therapist

Use of essential oils

The session is done on a spacious outdoor wooden platform surrounded by nature

Parking and use of facilities


Know the prices



1 hour


$40 per person

 1 hour

A little bit about me

My name is Karla, and my purpose in this life is to create awareness in people through yoga and transpersonal therapy, accompanying them in the evolution of their body, mind and spirit.

My vision is to create a holistic community made up of conscious, integral and healthy beings.


Yoga facilitator, since 2017, (Ahstanga yoga Satya School, San José, Costa Rica 500 hrs).

Transpersonal Therapy Facilitator (School of Transpersonal Development, Madrid, Spain 2 years, First and second level)


Inclusive or adapted yoga facilitator (Inclusive Yoga with Juan, San José, Costa Rica 108hrs).


First level hypopressive exercise facilitator 2023 (KBD Academy, Argentina)


Transpersonal Systemic Therapy Facilitator (School of Transpersonal Development, Madrid, Spain)


Industrial Engineer by profession with emphasis on process optimization and project management

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