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Jungle yoga Tour

Come do yoga in the middle of the jungle


Jungle Yoga tour

Duration: 4 hours
$100 1 person
$80 per person 2 or more

The tour includes:

  • Mindfulness walk

  • Yoga in the middle of the jungle

  • Transpersonal meditation with oracle cards

  • Sound bath

  • Hang out in natural pools

  • Handmade souvenir by local artisan

  • Lunch


This tour is about connecting with nature and at the same time with your essential self


It begins with a mindfulness walk through the jungle to connect with the present moment and allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. While walking mindfully, you can focus your attention on the sounds, smells, and sights of the jungle and allow yourself to become completely immersed in the experience.


After the hike, a yoga session next to a beatiful waterfall will help release any tension or stress in your body and prepare you for a deeper meditation practice. As you progress through the yoga postures, you focus your attention on your breathing and allow yourself to relax and let go completely.


Finally, transpersonal meditation helps you connect with the true self and the universe around you. This type of meditation focuses on the spiritual and transcendent aspects of consciousness and can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life purpose.


The place where it takes place is called “El Bosque de Tío Victor”, it is located 12 minutes from La Fortuna. It is a business owned by local Costa Rican people. The place is beautiful, it has 5 small waterfalls and 7 natural pools, the trails are made by hand, so as not to disturb the forest or the animals. It is a sanctuary where not many people enter, it is almost private and you can see various animals such as pizotes, a wide variety of birds, sloths, snakes, frogs, saínos, monkeys, otters and more.


After the tour, you will enjoy a delicious lunch. The menu celebrates the flavors of Costa Rica with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Vegetarian, vegan and meat options are available.

The tour can be done in English or Spanish

A little bit about me

My name is Karla, and my purpose in this life is to create awareness in people through yoga and transpersonal therapy, accompanying them in the evolution of their body, mind and spirit.

My vision is to create a holistic community made up of conscious, integral and healthy beings.


Yoga facilitator, since 2017, (Ahstanga yoga Satya School, San José, Costa Rica 500 hrs).

Transpersonal Therapy Facilitator (School of Transpersonal Development, Madrid, Spain 2 years, First and second level)


Inclusive or adapted yoga facilitator (Inclusive Yoga with Juan, San José, Costa Rica 108hrs).


First level hypopressive exercise facilitator 2023 (KBD Academy, Argentina)


Transpersonal Systemic Therapy Facilitator (School of Transpersonal Development, Madrid, Spain)


Industrial Engineer by profession with emphasis on process optimization and project management


Our clients say:

photo1705337577 (1).jpeg

«Really excellent experience today with Karla, she was responsive and helpful when asking about the jungle tour. She guided my wife and I along a beautiful private hiking trail away from the public, so it was very beautiful and serene. Karla asked us to observe and take in the spirit of the jungle, we meditated next to a waterfall and she guided us along a yoga flow that was just what we needed after a full day of travel. Afterward she took us to a wonderful local restaurant, off the beaten path and the food accommodated vegan/vegetarian or meat eaters, food cooked over the fire, local flavors and really delicious. I highly recommend this experience when visiting La Fortuna!! You will love it, thank you Karla for a wonderful day.

Brian Amos

Happy customers

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