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Transpersonal therapy

Connect with your inner being by healing from within


If you want to find something different to connect with your inner being, this therapy is for you

  • Resolve any situation you are going through by looking at it from different points of view

  • Connect with your intuition and recognize your personal power

  • Discover the wisdom of your higher self

  • Break limiting beliefs

  • Manifest the reality you want to live 

Our focus

Inner Transformation


Authentic Experience

Discover inner transformation through our transpersonal therapy. We use techniques such as meditation, oracle cards, systemic therapy and sound therapy to help you find peace and balance in your life. Our approach is based on the philosophy of yoga and we guide you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.



Karla will guide you through her knowledge, to find that awareness to deal with any situation you are going through, seeing it from another point of view, with self-compassion, knowing that we are beings that transcend and go beyond this third dimension.


Find peace and relaxation

After therapy, you will feel calmer and more relaxed, since we will calm your mind through the body and the connection with your inner being, relaxing your brain waves and connecting with your intuition.


Experience your reality

It is vitally important that you feel heard, understood and that you can resonate with this therapy, generating an energetic field of connection with your body (from the 5 senses), with your mind and emotions and with that spiritual being that you are.

Know the prices

Pintura abstracta


1 hour


$50 per person

 1 to 2 hours

Package of
4 sessions


A little bit about me

My name is Karla, and my purpose in this life is to create awareness in people through yoga and transpersonal therapy, accompanying them in the evolution of their body, mind and spirit.

My vision is to create a holistic community made up of conscious, integral and healthy beings.


Yoga facilitator, since 2017, (Ahstanga yoga Satya School, San José, Costa Rica 500 hrs).

Transpersonal Therapy Facilitator (School of Transpersonal Development, Madrid, Spain 2 years, First and second level)


Inclusive or adapted yoga facilitator (Inclusive Yoga with Juan, San José, Costa Rica 108hrs).


First level hypopressive exercise facilitator 2023 (KBD Academy, Argentina)


Transpersonal Systemic Therapy Facilitator (School of Transpersonal Development, Madrid, Spain)


Industrial Engineer by profession with emphasis on process optimization and project management



I entered the session very excited without knowing what to expect.
Karla very intuitively guided me to a topic that she had undusted in a corner. I have received many therapies and all of them add value to my life, but none of them had particularly led me to what Karla led me to, where I was not looking for an answer, it was just given.
And knowledge gives you peace, clarity because there is a way to tell your story, what was important to you.
So I highly recommend this space in honor of its name.
Where Karla instructs us to let ourselves be lovingly carried away by intuition, where she motivates us to see our story without Judgments.
I went to my doubt regarding my forward shoulder posture, and I came out very clearly about what my body wanted to tell me through that posture.
Love for everyone. And thank you thank you Intuitive Space

Nina C

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