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Yoga classes

Come do yoga in the middle of nature 


Weekly group classes
Join the tribe

Class schedules:

  • Tuesday 6:30pm

  • Wednesday 7:30am

  • Thursday 6:30pm

This specific class is usually in Spanish, but don't worry, I can give instructions for people who speak English

If you are visiting La Fortuna de San Carlos, you can join a weekly class, the cost is 8,000 colones.

If you cannot attend during these times, don't worry, you can schedule a private session, either group or individual.


Private/group Yoga class

Duration: 1 hour

$60 ( 1 o 2 personas)

$25 per person ( 3 to 5 persons)

$20 per person ( 6 to 10 persons)

The class can be individual or group.  You can choose between vinyasa flow which is a dynamic and challenging class, as well as a gentler class  mobility and relief of legs, especially for when walking. The instructor adapts the classes to all levels, both for beginners and advanced and makes modifications to provide a safe and comfortable space. 

Karla has several surprises during the class, such as challenges where you will have fun and at the same time strengthen your body, but also, at the end of the class, you will connect with your inner being with a super powerful exercise with an oracle of cards.

The session has a small sound bath which will relax your mind in an unimaginable way and you will be able to connect with your intuition and subconscious.


The space is an outdoor wooden platform surrounded by nature with an energy of calm and peace.

The class can be taught in englis or spanish 


What does a private class include?

Yoga mat for everyone

Yoga class adapted to the needs of the group or individual taught by a certified instructor

Exercise with oracle of cards

Sound bath in savasana

The session is done on a spacious outdoor wooden platform surrounded by nature

Parking and use of facilities


Learn about our monthly plans

Horizonte de la puesta de sol
1 time per week

With this type of plan you can attend 4 classes in a month. 

14,000 colones

2 times a week

With this plan you can attend 8 classes for a month 

20,000 colones

3 times a week

With this plan you can attend all the classes of the month 

25,000 colones

A little bit about me

My name is Karla, and my purpose in this life is to create awareness in people through yoga and transpersonal therapy, accompanying them in the evolution of their body, mind and spirit.

My vision is to create a holistic community made up of conscious, integral and healthy beings.


Yoga facilitator, since 2017, (Ahstanga yoga Satya School, San José, Costa Rica 500 hrs).

Transpersonal Therapy Facilitator (School of Transpersonal Development, Madrid, Spain 2 years, First and second level)


Inclusive or adapted yoga facilitator (Inclusive Yoga with Juan, San José, Costa Rica 108hrs).


First level hypopressive exercise facilitator 2023 (KBD Academy, Argentina)


Transpersonal Systemic Therapy Facilitator (School of Transpersonal Development, Madrid, Spain)


Industrial Engineer by profession with emphasis on process optimization and project management


What do people say?

"We were fortunate to find Karla using a Google search of Yoga near me. Karla was extremely accommodating considering our location and time constraints. Instruction was fantastic! We have been taking yoga forever and she introduced poses we have never experienced before during her “mobility.” flow". We couldn't have asked for a better class! Karla seemed to sense what poses we needed next taking exactly where we needed to go! We like to think we will make our way back here at some point. When we do we will look Karla up! If you have the chance to take with Karla don't pass it up! You will not be disappointed!"

Jaime Himpel

Grounding yoga experience nestled between trees and the water nearby. The studio was open air on the roof top. Karla asked us what we wanted to work on, type of yoga- to meet our needs. The use of blocks, sound, incense and the nature surrounding us made the moving experience. We closed the class with intention setting and she led us through a quiet reflection. Karla was both helpful and supportive to meet our different abilities. Thank you for a beautiful yoga experience. I will remember it always. ❤️

Lori Williams

"As a yogi nearly every day of the week, I don't want to miss yoga in my travels. After a brief search, it was easy to schedule a personalized yoga class. Karla truly made it an amazing experience. I learned a lot in both classes I scheduled and loved the modifications and improved technique recommendations during the experience. I recommend checking out her scheduled classes as well as personalized yoga along with sound mediation. An epic and memorable experience while in La Fortuna.”

Ken Clark

"I had the pleasure of attending a yoga class with the wonderful Karla, and I can definitely say it was an unforgettable experience. Karla put in a lot of effort to ensure that we had the best possible experience, challenging us without overwhelming us! It's "a shame we had to move on, as I would have loved to experience her Hiking & Yoga offering! Hopefully, another time! Pura Vida Karla"

Rili Misini

Karla is an amazing yoga teacher. We had the pleasure of taking 2 classes with her while visiting La Fortuna. The space is beautiful. She can adapt for any level of yogi. Her English is very good and the sound bowls and guided meditation at the end of class makes it extra special. ✨️💛

Kelly Evans

Great private yoga class in an amazing studio surrounded by the sounds of the river and jungle. We were a group of 4 with varying skill levels and the teacher was great and was able to accommodate all of us! She also gave us a great sound bath at the end of practice. Would highly recommend.

Natasha Sim

Happy customers

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